Links for 15th October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Custom Field Template WordPress Plugin

    "The Custom Field Template plugin adds the default custom fields on the Write Post/Page." Hard to explain exactly what this one does in words, but a look at the screenshots suggests this will be a must-have for heavy custom-field users.

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  2. Home Office preps fudgetastic ISP data rules

    "A Home Office official has baffled ISPs by telling them new laws will on paper require them all to retain data, but in practice some probably won't be forced to because it could cost the government too much money." SNAFU Westminster. I'd worry more about the database state if there was any indication they knew how to run it right.

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  3. What happened when teenagers were asked to map the no-go areas that blight their lives | Society | The Guardian

    "In Sunderland, youth centres now lay on minibuses for kids who dread walking through certain streets. In Bradford, getting to school has become a strategic exercise for children who have to avoid particular areas and get escorted through others. In Tower Hamlets, east London, which borders the Thames, one youth worker taking a group of local teenagers on a boat ride discovered that they had never seen the river." The trickle-down mental sickness of nation-statism in action, or middle-class liberal handwringing? Probably both.

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  4. In Defense of Piracy

    "The return of this "remix" culture could drive extraordinary economic growth, if encouraged, and properly balanced. It could return our culture to a practice that has marked every culture in human history — save a few in the developed world for much of the 20th century — where many create as well as consume. And it could inspire a deeper, much more meaningful practice of learning for a generation that has no time to read a book, but spends scores of hours each week listening, or watching or creating, "media.""

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  5. Chimps: Not Human, But Are They People?

    "It's a controversial position. If being a person requires being human, then chimpanzees, our closest primate relative, are still only 98 percent complete. But if personhood is defined more broadly, chimpanzees may well qualify. They have self-awareness, feelings and high-level cognitive powers. Hardly a month seems to pass without researchers finding evidence of behavior thought to belong solely to humans."

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  6. Bionic Noticing on Irving Street

    "As Johnson, Jacobs and Greenfield point out, our cities themselves are slow computers, but quickly our personal computers are becoming mobile and embedded within them, and as we play so our noticing superpowers grow…"

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