Links for 15th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Future Slum

    "New, privately developed apartment complexes there – the exact same apartment complexes of visual interest to architecture magazines such as the one for which I work – might, in the end, simply be too small and too cramped to become anything other than the slums of tomorrow. Affordable now, ghettoized later." Tomorrow is the new yesterday!

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  2. Stock and royalty free photographs

    List of sites.

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  3. ‘Space traffic control’ needed in junk-filled orbits

    "With the era of mass space tourism approaching, and more satellites being launched into the heavens, for global positioning, telecommunications and Earth monitoring, for example, the worry is that spacecraft will collide with the debris from old satellites, rocket stages and the like, potentially risking lives and serious damage to multimillion-dollar space vehicles."

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  4. 75 (Really) Useful JavaScript Techniques

    Like the title says, innit?

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  5. Thoughts for an eleventh September: Alvin Toffler, Hirohito, Sarah Palin

    "In the relatively narrow field of my interests – ambient informatics, the networked city – can be seen something profound writ small: among fully-developed nations, the US stands out as having generally rejected “futuristic” interventions in everyday urban life, to the point that what I’m bound to present as innovative to US audiences is almost laughably banal elsewhere."

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  6. How often should you publish?

    "Frontlist reaches your fans. Your fans spread the word, and eventually your backlist reaches everyone else. The backlist turns some people into fans, who then look for the frontlist."

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  7. Bytes of Life

    "…lifeblogging seems mostly like a byproduct of an always-on society. If you do something but fail to record it online, did it really happen? Self-tracking, on the other hand, is partly about the recording, but also as much about the analysis that goes on after the recording. The apparent meaninglessness of data recorded over time is actually what makes it profound. "

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