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  1. "The Depreciated Legacy of Cervantes" and a refutation of "there are no good nor bad books"

    "[W]hile it is easy to make the argument that it just depends upon where one stands if a work is "good" or "bad," in reality such assertions are a fallacy; discernment is not just an individual's tool, but also a societal one. After all, since individual members of a society are influenced by their relationships with their native cultures and to any other cultures to which they may have been exposed, how we value ideas, especially those expressed in novel form, is a much more critical issue than just "well, your mileage may vary on this book." It is through individuals wrestling with how to discern what is quality and what is not that a rough consensus is formed. It is not a perfect, immutable consensus; people, after all, are too flighty for that. Instead, it is a portrait of the Reader as a global unit that serves to illuminate just how that Reader (singular and group entity alike) has come to process and to sort which works will endure and which will be relegated to the dustbins."

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