Links for 16th March 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Hearing Pitch and Music

    "Since human speech sounds are the principal naturally occurring sources of tone-evoking stimuli, we examined whether observed consonance ordering is predicted by the statistical distribution of sound energy in the periodic stimuli that human listeners normally encounter."

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  2. Europeans Debate Castration of Sex Offenders

    "The Czech Republic has allowed at least 94 prisoners over the past decade to be surgically castrated. It is the only country in Europe that uses the procedure for sex offenders. Czech psychiatrists supervising the treatment — a one-hour operation that involves removal of the tissue that produces testosterone — insist that it is the most foolproof way to tame sexual urges in dangerous predators suffering from extreme sexual disorders." Your ethical poser for the week.

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  3. LOTTO TURM: Stuttgart’s Shipping Container Skyscraper

    "The Lotto Turm tower will be constructed of 55 shipping containers stacked on top of each other, and will be designed to include a noise-free courtyard as well as a spiral pathway that circles around the building. Balconies, terraces, and stairs accent the tower from top to bottom, giving the stacked block structure a fantastical quality, and Gardens and plants will accentuate the varied vertical landscape. The public may enter and go all the way to the top of tower for a view of the city through the lotto sphere."

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  4. Russian youth organization cops to 2007 Estonian cyberattacks

    "Goloskokov's admission of guilt was accompanied by further denials that the Russian government had anything to do with the Estonian attacks. We've discussed "hacktivism" before at Ars, but the fact that the attack was coordinated by a government-sponsored youth organization suggests that the government was aware of what was happening, at least at some level."

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