Links for 17th February 2009

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  1. ebooks and publishing: as frightening as any Stephen King story?

    "If King, Dan Brown, JK Rowling and Patricia Cornwell were all to decide to move to selling their books online themselves, rather than going through a publisher, they'd certainly benefit financially. Typically, an author only receives about £1 for every copy of their book sold. Rather than relying on a publisher, big-name authors could afford to simply employ an editor, a PR person, a typesetter and a designer. They could price their books at only £2 or £3 and still make much more money than under the current system. But without the revenue from these authors underpinning the publishers, the current system would be unworkable. And what would happen then?" A big die-off, followed by a rising from the ashes. Interesting times, kids, interesting times. Watch the musicians, and start learning.

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  2. Hotelier at Sea

    "Of course, if the real Dubai is any model for what might actually happen with such a resort, then we'll probably see dozens of oil rigs partially converted to luxury hotels only then to be abandoned by their construction crews and investors. As the lands of southern Louisiana continue to disappear into the Gulf, heavily armed refugees on fishing boats will move out to sea, recolonizing the derelict structures. There will be campfires at night, burning driftwood, and speciality gardens." It's kind of gratifying, but I wish reality would quit stealing my fiction ideas.

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  1. But that doesn’t mention the other problem with e-book publishing, PIRACY.

    I have the first seven Harry Potter books but I didn’t buy any of them. In fact I have the first 5 movies and didn’t buy them. Of course if I bought the DVDs I would have higher resolution.

    So the benefit to the authors assumes all copies are purchased. If 90% are pirated, then what?

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