Links for 18th July 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Pirate Dilemma

    "… this is all part of the problem; getting a clear grasp on what's actually going on without the politics getting in the way. So far, from what I can see, the evidence leans very strongly in favour of piracy not being an issue – people who download for free from bittorrent sites are usually the people who spend the most money on entertainment, or they're people who would never have bought the product in the first place. Whether or not you think it's a good or bad thing, it's also an unavoidable fact of life."

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  2. While seeming to vanish, class digs deeper

    "The majority of British people are now ABC1s, whereas in the 1970s the middle classes would have been outweighed by C2DEs. This has happened through what we might call the "internationalisation of labour"; Britain doesn't really manufacture any more, so its working class has, in a sense, been outsourced to China (picture millions of Chinese in flat caps pigeon-fancying, supporting United, and watching Benny Hill). So it isn't so much that class has disappeared as that it's been internationalised. You have to travel a long way to see the people who smelt your steel now. They've been "hidden on the far side of the world"."

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  3. Augmented Reality Hobo Signs? There’s an App for That

    "A hobo can drop a pin on the map and instantly add a new sign which will then be immediately available for others. If he adds a new sign, a drawing sheet drops down with basic editing tools (thankfully there are multiple levels of undo — useful if the hobo has, as they are wont to do, been drinking). These new signs don’t go live immediately but are held for peer-moderation in the hobo-wiki, similar to Wikipedia but with more knife fights." Yes, I know it's a spoof, but it's a gag that exposes something very important about mobiubicomp.

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  4. Mystery methane belched out by megacities

    "If other urban areas have a similar share of uncatalogued emissions, then these unknown urban sources would account for 7 to 15 per cent of global methane emissions from human activity.

    This extra methane may result from higher than expected leakage from landfills, sewage treatment plants or natural gas pipelines, or it could be natural seepage from oil wells or other geologic sources, the researchers say." Or farting, maybe? Damn you, vegetarians, with your save-the-world rhetoric and noble self-sacrifice! You've doomed us all!

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  5. Cure for radiation sickness found?

    "The ground-breaking medication, developed by Professor Andrei Gudkov – Chief Scientific Officer at Cleveland BioLabs – may have far-reaching implications on the balance of power in the world, as states capable of providing their citizens with protection against radiation will enjoy a significant strategic advantage vis-à-vis their rivals. " Great; the best use they can think of is for salving their fear of uppity Muslims. We're such a stupid species sometimes.

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