Links for 18th March 2009

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  1. Creating a Custom Home Page in Drupal Using Views

    "Views allow almost all the information on a site to be grouped, summarised and ordered in ways visitors might like. Blocks are small bits of content in Drupal, they can be inserted into a page at several predefined places (see Administer -> Site building -> Blocks to configure blocks). This tutorial shows how to create two blocks, the first produces a table of the 10 newest articles, the second a table of the 10 most commented on articles."

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  2. Using Drupal’s Views Module

    Video tutorial; kinda circuitous discussion, but a lot of useful stuff about the Views module explained in better terms. For a platform that handles taxonomy so cleverly, Drupal's nomenclature blows goats; this may help a little.

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  3. Upgrading Drupal rapidly using SSH/Shell commands

    Does what it says on the tin.

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  4. How To: Create Stunningly Realistic High Dynamic Range Photographs

    "So when should you use HDR? It's simple: when you're trying to capture a scene with a wide range between its lightest and darkest areas (aka dynamic range) as accurately as possible. Your camera's sensor can only capture a small portion of the light that your eye can take in and process, so to make up for that, HDR images are created by combining the pixel information from several pictures into one 32-bit Voltron-file that contains the full dynamic range of each of the individual shots used to create it."

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  5. Thinking like a trader leads to lower fear of financial loss

    "This emotional equivalent of the "a bird in hand" proverb has some obvious survival advantages, and research with other primates suggests that it has its origin long before the lineage leading to modern humans emerged from the family tree. It can even overpower the systems that evaluate the rewards that are often associated with risk. But researchers have found that it's possible to tone down the loss-aversion response in an experimental setting—by providing test subjects with advice similar to that given out by financial firms."

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