Links for 17th November 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Automatic SEO Links – 1.0

    "… just choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all matches in the posts of your blog. You can set the title of the link, target, rel and also you can know every moment how many times a word has been changed. In case the plugin finds more of once the same word in a post, it will only change the first one."

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  2. Concealed floods drive flow of Antarctic ice

    "A hidden network of glacial lakes far below the Antarctic surface regulates the motion of the continent's ice rivers, a study has found. When the subglacial lakes overflow, the ice above accelerates towards the ocean. "It's like putting in a squirt of oil," says Andy Smith of the British Antarctic Survey, who was not involved in this latest study. "The water lubricates the base of the glacier.""

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  3. Why veins could replace fingerprints and retinas as most secure form of ID

    "Finger vein authentication, introduced widely by Japanese banks in the last two years, is claimed to be the fastest and most secure biometric method. Developed by Hitachi, it verifies a person's identity based on the lattice work of minute blood vessels under the skin." Yeah, right. Because no one will ever figure a way to hack that system.[/snark]

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  4. Linux Tip: super-fast network file copy

    Tips'n'trix, innit.

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  5. Relevant SF

    "The world is looking for solutions. Why isn’t SF trying to help, or at least trying to think along?" Jetse de Vries getting his positive on.

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