Links for 18th November 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. The Looming Collapse of FedEx – Dematerialization 2

    "Once the Authenticated Document portion of FedEx’s business fades away, they’ll have to retreat into the molecule moving business. Here’s a need that, at least for the immediate future, doesn’t get demolished by the Internet.

    At some point, rapid prototyping and 3d printing becomes a mature technology. It leaves the design studios and then the factories and ends up, if not people’s houses, then at least as commonly distributed as print shops or 24 photo developers (which are themselves getting to be less and less common). Just-in-time fabbing.

    So many of the things that we ship are mass-produced and interchangeable. Take a look around you and consider all the stuff you might move, were you planning to move. How much of it is stuff where an exact copy would be fine? How much of it is stuff where a factory-new copy would better than fine? How much crap do you ship because it’s easier/cheaper to just ship it than to get a new or better one?" This guy's good.

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  2. IBM Moves Closer To Creating Computer Based on Insights From The Brain

    "To perform the first near real-time cortical simulation of the brain that exceed the scale of the cat cortex, the team built a cortical simulator that incorporates a number of innovations in computation, memory, and communication as well as sophisticated biological details from neurophysiology and neuroanatomy. This scientific tool, akin to a linear accelerator or an electron microscope, is a critical instrument used to test hypotheses of brain structure, dynamics and function. The simulation was performed using the cortical simulator on Lawrence Livermore National Lab’s Dawn Blue Gene/P supercomputer with 147,456 CPUs and 144 terabytes of main memory." Your Transhumanist/AI/Singularity story of the month, if not the year.

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  3. WordPress hack : Automatically output the content in two columns

    Like it says in the title there. Could probably be kludged into other CMS outputs, too.

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  4. Everett True: Dispatches From ‘A Fading Music Critic’

    "Does what I write have any impact upon an industry that has long since shed the need for dependency upon indeterminate outside factors such as quality? What need is there for tastemaker critics — they'd be called "experts" in other trades — when you can aggregate opinions from a thousand enthusiastic voices (bloggers)? What need is there for a music critic when you can log on to Amazon and read a thousand user-generated reviews?

    Right now, from where I'm sitting: none whatsoever. Other critics might argue otherwise. But then, they're being paid to."

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  5. 500 Internal Server Error

    500 Internal Server Error

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  6. Query Multiple Taxonomies

    "Say you have two custom taxnomies defined: genre and artist.

    Currently, you can do the following types of queries on your site:



    But you can’t do this:


    WordPress will just ignore one of the parameters.

    This plugin fixes that." Hmmmm.

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