Links for 17th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. New ‘super worms’ may clean up heavy metals

    "Scientists believe earthworms have undergone rapid evolutionary changes at abandoned mines in Britain, which have enabled them to survive and even thrive in an environment rich in toxic heavy metals."

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  2. We Should Be More Worried About Our ISPs Than Google When It Comes To Abuse

    "So, why is all the attention focused on Google? If it's abusing our privacy, then it's easy to switch to a competitor. Broadband ISPs, on the other hand, have a lot more control and visibility — and a much tighter grip on customers, usually with fewer competitive options."

    Tagged with: privacybroadbandnet-neutralityGoogleISP

  3. Lefsetz » MySpace Music

    "Cool idea if it’s still 2000, a year before the iPod hit the market, but launching a streaming site now is like AT&T announcing your landline will be advertiser supported." Zing!

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  4. Copyrighting Artwork in UK

    "The copyright ownership from freelance work normally depends on the agreement between the freelacer and client. The assignment of copyright should be declared in your contract or agreement. Does your contract/agreement state that you will not retain the copyright for the work? Or is it accepted that you will keep the copyright?"

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  5. A passionate amateur almost always beats a bored professional

    "… amateurs are by definition volunteers. They choose to spend their time on what they do, and they go exactly where their passions, interests, knowledge and personality takes them–no further. If they lose interest they move on and are replaced by someone bursting with fresh energy. Self-selection ensures engagement."

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  6. WordPress Developer’s Toolbox

    "With all of the WordPress development that is going on, there is a need for an organized collection of resources to educate, inspire and equip developers to improve the quality and efficiency of their work." This ridiculously comprehensive post may well be it.

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  7. “The End of Science Fiction”: A View of the Debate (Part Two)

    "This second and final installment concerns the business environment in which science fiction writers work, with particular attention to two aspects of it: the widely perceived decline of the magazines that have traditionally been regarded as the genre’s standard-bearers; and the state of book publishing today."

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