Links for 18th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. How Google Is Making Us Smarter | Machine-Brain Connections

    "Results like these, Clark argues, reveal a mind that is constantly seeking to extend itself, to grab on to new tools it has never experienced before and merge with them. Some people may be horrified by how passionately people are taking to their laptops and GPS trackers. But to Clark it would be surprising if we didn’t. We are, in Clark’s words, “natural-born cyborgs.”"

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  2. Ride the Lightning

    "… the fact that you might not only be driving within a local weather system but actually creating one as you drive just fascinates me. The weather above you is part of the traffic jam you're in; it is an epiphenomenon of urban infrastructure."

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  3. Refrigerators will use peer-to-peer power management

    "The design […] would allow a large network of refrigerators to coordinate usage among each other: if one refrigerator was reaching the end of a safe abeyence in lowering temperature, and another could put off a defrost cycle, they could negotiate behavior."

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  4. The Popular Tradition of Science Fiction Criticism, 1926-1980 – Gary Westfahl

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  5. Essential SF Criticism

    "… though I don’t consider it a badge of pride to be “outside the academy”, I do somewhat resent the implication that those not trained in the ways of criticism have no useful contributions to make to critical debate, and I would have thought that attracting people with different sorts of mind to literary studies would be all to the good."

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