Links for 18th November 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. FireShot!

    "Unlike other [browser screenshot] extensions, this plugin provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify captures and insert text and graphical annotations. Such functionality will be especially useful for web designers, testers and content reviewers." OMFG yes.

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  2. “Where do you get your ideas?”

    "… the truth is a bit harder to swallow: ideas are all around us, ripe for the plucking, and usually all it takes to come up with something wild and new is a magpie's eye for the bright and shiny, and a willingness to bang concepts together until they stick in a new, unfamiliar, agglomeration. Unless, of course, you're a visionary like Bruce Sterling."

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  3. Early Days of Cyberpunk

    "Bruce loved all things Soviet—it wasn’t that he was a Communist, it was more that he dug the parallel world aspect of a superpower totally different from America. He spoke of Cheap Truth as a samizdat publication, meaning that, rather than printing a lot of copies, he encouraged people to Xerox their copies and pass them from hand to hand." Seems like the cybers spent a lot of time getting wrecked. Knew there was a reason that stuff clicked for me…

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  4. 10 Advanced PHP Tips To Improve Your Programming

    "This tutorial is aimed at people who are just past the beginning stages of learning PHP and are ready to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with the language. Listed below are 10 excellent techniques that PHP developers should learn and use every time they program. These tips will speed up proficiency and make the code much more responsive, cleaner and more optimized for performance."

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  5. Debunking SEO

    "I am skeptical about a lot of these things. I don't think I can disprove them given the doubts I've expressed above, but I do contest them. I believe they are unlikely and I believe SEO people believe them for invalid reasons."

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  6. The Paragraph in Web Typography & Design

    "Paragraphs are punctuation, the punctuation of ideas. After selecting a typeface, choosing the right paragraph style is one of the cornerstones of good typography. This is a brief inquiry into paragraph style for the Web."

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