Links for 19-06-2006

Robot ethics, hard-drive case mod, squashed philosophers…

2 thoughts on “Links for 19-06-2006”

  1. Double A I have to give you a big raspberry for the first link. Hate to do it because you’re links are normaly primo. My brow was furrowing about 5% of the way in and then I hit this line:

    Otherwise, one of the suitable images of the particular threat today, comes, thus, from ancient Biblical accounts of the fall of the Tower of Babel, the self-inflicted collapse of an earlier attempt at “globalization.”

    And then I stopped reading.

    The other links are good. I don’t have broadband at home at the mo so I appreciate you doing my surfing for me. Cheers.

  2. Rather controversial, that one, isn’t it? I agree, it started quite well, and then wandered into the territory of the extremely weird. Thought I’d link it anyhow – I like to look at what all sides are saying, no matter how unhinged their metaphors and analogies become. I think I saw where he was going, but I’ll confess I didn’t make it all the way through myself…I may try to wade through the whole thing when I get a spare moment, just to see how he rounded it off (or *if* he rounded it off!)

    Glad to be of service, old chap…I surf the web, so you don’t have to! 😉

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