Links for 19th October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Email Hell

    "From a user's point of view, e-mail is what you could call a push medium. Beyond your control, anyone can push an e-mail into your inbox at near zero cost. By contrast, new Web 2.0 media emphasize pull technology: You choose who or what you want to subscribe to, pull information to you when you want it and unsubscribe when you want. Ideally, we would use push mediums for directed private or time-sensitive communication and pull for less formal, more public and less urgent communication. Now there is a choice–so long as you can gain agreement on which to use for what and how to use it."

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  2. writing fantasy

    "Structure as if you’re a pornographer, but don’t deliver the money shot." M John Harrison.

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  3. The Canon… And Why It Isn’t

    "… any canon is part definition and part history. A canon has to consist of works that shape our understanding of what the genre is, and works that have in themselves shaped the course of the genre. But we have no universally agreed definition or history of sf. If the history of science fiction starts at point X, anything before X cannot be canonical, because it cannot be science fiction." Kincaid.

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  4. Review: Anathem by Neal Stephenson

    "There is a strong case for thinking this book utterly tiresome. Please, don't. You'll miss quite a lot if you do." McKie.

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