Links for 1st December 2008

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  1. The Eight Circuits of Consciousness

    "To understand neurological space, Dr. Leary assumes that the nervous system consists of eight potential circuits, or "gears," or mini-brains. Four of these brains are in the usually active left lobe and are concerned with our terrestrial survival; four are extraterrestrial, reside in the "silent" or inactive right lobe, and are for use in our future evolution. This explains why the right lobe is usually inactive at this stage of our development, and why it becomes active when the person ingests psychedelics." Brainfood via Freakangels/Whitechapel.

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  2. Build a Skype Server for Your Home Phone System

    "Using a Skype server plugged in to the existing copper phone wiring of your home means that you can lift a receiver anywhere in your home, at any time, and get a regular dial tone. Incoming calls either from Skype users or regular phones ring all handsets throughout your home. Basically, you can make Skype behave like a regular phone line, but at a tiny fraction of the cost. You have three choices when building a Skype server: buy a new computer, build a new computer or convert an old machine you have conveniently at hand. This article shows you how to build a new computer from scratch to act as a Skype server. However, whichever path you take, the configuration is the same and is covered in this article."

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  3. Enceladus: Evidence for Liquid Water

    "On one level, liquid water on such cold, distant worlds is exciting because of the possibility of finding life that has arisen completely independent of what happened on Earth. At another, it’s energizing because it raises the prospect of other places where we might get further surprises."

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  4. ProjectManager WordPress Plugin

    "This plugin is a datamanager for any recurrent datasets. It can be used to manage and list a DVD collection,to to present portraits (e.g. athlets of a team)… "

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