Links for 1st January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. UK: Private firm to guard database of every phone call, e-mail

    "The database is projected to cost some £12 billion ($17.5 billion US), and would contain metadata about every phone call placed, every e-mail or text message sent, and every Web site visited in the UK, reports say. Such "metadata" would include routing information, such as the sender and recipient of an e-mail, as well as times and dates." Good grief, they're obsessed.

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  2. Free Market Capitalism, Moral Character And Doing Good All Work Hand In Hand

    "But, still, there are some who suddenly question whether or not the free market takes away a moral backbone — but the only situations in which that would clearly be true are in cases of either outright fraud, or where you're dealing with a zero-sum game. In an economy that has the potential for growth, then one should encourage more growth to increase opportunities for everyone. There may be additional moral questions later concerning overall allocation, but increasing the wider opportunity, which is exactly what free market capitalism does, seems ridiculous to question."

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  3. Bathtubs, Lightning Bolts, and The Myth of Writer’s Block

    "We need to reorient our view of creativity. We need to think “problem solving” rather than “creation.” So, let me suggest a step-by-step, practical process that works for just about any situation, including those times when you need a good idea for a profitable product, a new blog, an advertisement, or any big writing project."

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