Links for 20th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Reputation as Property in Virtual Economies

    "There is, however, a third type of online economy that is in many ways just as important as the first two, and which also involves the acquisition, trade, and protection of “property.” This is the reputational economy exemplified by MySpace, Facebook, and gossip blogs. Status fortunes can be made in this economy, but they can also be easily and quite dramatically lost. The importance of success in this reputational market can for some people be just as important as financial wealth—many people’s “lives virtually revolve around social-networking sites and blogs.” Indeed, by now it is old news that millions of people spend more time thinking about their Facebook profiles than their investment profiles."

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  2. China: Largest importer of waste collapses

    "Dongxiaokou, on the outskirts of Beijing, is a village composed of scrap: blocks of crushed metal are stacked in a tower, heaps of plastic bottles glint in the sunshine and piles of newspapers and rags fill yards. But the merchants all have the same story – they have lost tens of thousands of pounds in a few months, wiping out years of hard work."

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  3. Top Five Things Editors Hate–And What Do YOU Hate

    "… it’s time to discuss the things that editors hate. Please note that we’re all in this together. The word "hate" here is used in the same context as saying "I really hate it when my husband forgets to clean the kitty litter box.""

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  4. First images of Moon’s hidden craters

    "The imaging technique can detect features as small as 150 metres wide, and is being used to map the far side of the Moon (hidden from view of the Earth) and search for evidence of water ice."

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  5. Many glaciers will disappear by middle of century and add to rising sea levels, expert warns

    "The warning will raise concern among those who say that glacier melting is one of the greatest threats of climate change because it raises the risk of sudden avalanches of rocks and soil released from the ice, threatening the livelihoods of more than 2 billion people who depend on melt-water to feed rivers in summer. Glacier melting will also add to rising global sea levels."

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  6. Nanoplumbing: More than just a pipe dream

    "When they dunked the tube into a tiny tank of virtual water, the researchers found that a thin thread of water molecules rushed into the interior of the tube. This was surprising, given the narrowness of the nanotube's pore and the water-repelling nature of its carbon surface. Then when they tweaked the simulation, slightly increasing the repulsion between the water molecules and the carbon atoms of the nanotube, they were surprised to see that the tube emptied almost instantaneously."

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  7. WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin

    "This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your new visitors depending on their referrer url."

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  8. The Cost of Fearing Strangers

    "… most people are pretty terrible at risk assessment. They tend to overstate the risk of dramatic and unlikely events at the expense of more common and boring (if equally devastating) events. A given person might fear a terrorist attack and mad cow disease more than anything in the world, whereas in fact she’d be better off fearing a heart attack (and therefore taking care of herself) or salmonella (and therefore washing her cutting board thoroughly)."

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