Links for 20th March 2009

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  1. Product Panic: 2009

    "If you liked 1929 or 2008, you’ll surely love 2009, a year when the former bedrocks of industrial civilization are being tossed like pick-up sticks: finance, logistics, materials, processes, branding, energy sources. Everything about the way products are conceived, manufactured, and sold has been destabilized. I’d love to claim I’ve never seen anything like this, but since my wife is Yugoslavian, I can’t." Bruce Sterling

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  2. Sacramento and Its Riverside Tent City

    "Tent cities — much like the “Hoovervilles” of the Depression — have sprung up elsewhere around the country. But Sacramento, with one of the highest foreclosure rates, has one of the biggest, with a population of “easily 300,” said Rob Fong, a Sacramento city councilman, and it is “definitely growing.”
    “It’s an unfortunate sign of the times,” he said.

    This tent city is in a place of great natural beauty, between two rivers, with birds and open sky and a relatively mild climate. Homeless people have lived there for years, largely unseen, but as more working class people move in, the tents are multiplying and becoming harder to ignore."

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