Links for 20th November 2008

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  1. Race in D&D

    "In the world of D&D, non-humans are restricted in order to ensure a continuing human supremacy. The arguments against lifting the racial class restrictions sounds nothing so much arguments against ending segregation or giving African American’s the vote."

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  2. Wufoo – HTML Form Builder – Free Contact Forms & Online Surveys

    "Our HTML form builder helps you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code." Might be worth looking into.

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  3. Any Tool is a Weapon if You Hold it Right

    "I can’t help but look at those people who see my Self as a violence against them, and wonder if they can adapt and survive and change. In those hate-filled faces I see for just a moment – despite my better nature – a big-nosed shaggy-headed singing Neanderthal watching in terror as people it cannot understand crest over the ridge with their cunning weapons and dangerous ideas. I can’t help but wonder if we freaks and queers and Others do, in fact, commit a violence against them. Because all of us – The outsiders, the pagans, the Grinders, the subculture kids, the futurists, the cyborgs, the freaks, the fags – all of us mutants and monsters? If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s adapt and try new ideas."

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  4. 8 CSS Techniques for Charting Data

    "There are many ways you can present numerical, chartable data by styling elements using CSS. Using CSS to style your data prevents you from relying on static images and increases your content’s accessibility. Below, you’ll read about 8 excellent techniques for styling elements into beautiful, accessible charts and graphs."

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  5. It might be politically toxic – but we must join the euro now

    "The last, best and most palatable option is to join the euro, and fight a referendum campaign on it being our get-out-of-jail-free card – a means of avoiding de facto national bankruptcy and emasculation of the property-owning middle class while offering a route to reindustrialisation and underwriting the City of London. Inside the euro, both the government and the City would be able to sustain the spending and lending necessary to avert recession. The competitive level at which we would join would boost industrial exports for a generation. And the middle class would not have its savings wrecked by inflation. We would avoid the clutches of the IMF."

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  6. Kurzweil: “Technology is a double-edged sword”

    "Consciousness is not something we can readily measure in another entity. However in order for a computer or any entity to pass the Turing Test it has to master human emotion – and human emotion is not some sideshow. What humans do well is both pattern recognition and our emotional thinking – which is a form of recognising patterns that we find in situations. Getting the joke, being funny, expressing a loving sentiment – these are actually the most complicated things we do, the cutting edge of human intelligence." Hmm.

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  7. Searching for Dyson Spheres

    "Carrigan has been examining sources identified by the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS), the idea being to look for objects that seem to be radiating waste heat in such a way that they might be Dyson Spheres of one kind or another. A fully enveloped star won’t be visible to the eye, but Carrigan’s infrared search covers the blackbody temperature region from 100 to 600 degrees Kelvin for full or partial Spheres."

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  8. Mammoth genome cracked: key to cloning?

    "The draft genome of the woolly mammoth has been sequenced, opening the door to reconstructing a living mammoth by combining the sequence with elephant DNA."

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  9. The Hot Spot

    "… the researchers discovered that when proposed solutions to global warming clash with people’s worldviews, those people are more likely to reject evidence of the problem altogether. “People spin the information to keep their worldview intact…"" No kidding.

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  10. No Adverts for Friends plugin

    "This plugin allows you fine grained control over who seems adverts or any other bit of html or Javascript code on your blog."

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  11. Plumbing the oceans could bring limitless clean energy

    "In the first flush of success, the US Department of Energy began planning a 40 megawatt test plant off Hawaii. Then in 1981, the funding for ocean thermal technologies began to dwindle. It dried up altogether in 1995 when the price of oil began to drop, eventually falling below $20 a barrel. Now rising fuel costs have revived interest in this neglected technology." Wondered when they'd dig this one up again. I'm a bit leery of the 'limitless', though.

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  12. Woman receives windpipe built from her stem cells

    "Stem cells harvested from the woman's bone marrow were used to populate a stripped-down section of windpipe received from a donor, which was then transplanted into her body in June." A happy story. The sad part – she needed the new trachea after a severe tuberculosis infection. We can replace body parts, but the old scourges are still coming back.

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  13. Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework

    "Hybrid is a WordPress theme framework. This theme was designed with content in mind. There is no other theme that will display your content in a meaningful way like this one does. It’s all about getting your information out there to the world. Without all the fuss. That’s what Hybrid does." Hmm. Worth a look, I reckon.

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