Links for 20th November 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Winner Takes All, Long Tails And The Fractilization Of Culture

    "What's much more interesting to me is what happens beyond the hits. And, as you start to dig down into subsectors or subcultures, you begin to notice an interesting pattern there as well: that those subsectors and subcultures follow that same power law pattern themselves. The big name bands in a subculture may seem "small" in the wider world, but they're huge within the subculture. Within that subculture, they're the winner who took all — but from a more limited population.

    In some ways, it's the fractalization of culture.

    Just as a fractal repeats its same pattern as you zoom in and look closer on the smaller segments, so do cultural subsegments. And those segments continue to thrive, despite the recommendation systems just pushing people to the hits."

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  2. Is this the end for human space flight?

    "It may simply be that space exploration is incompatible with US democracy. A Mars shot would take four presidential terms at least. No president will ask taxpayers to fund something he won't be around to take credit for." Touché, Mr Hanlon. Though assuming NASA is the only game in town is your major logical error here.

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