Links for 20th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Plastic-munching bugs turn waste bottles into cash

    "The Pseudomonas strains can convert the low-grade PET plastic used in drinks bottles into a more valuable and biodegradable plastic called PHA. PHA is already used in medical applications, from artery-supporting tubes called stents to wound dressings."

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  2. Sweetcron – The Automated Lifestream Blog Software

    This could be very very useful somewhere down the line.

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  3. Poetry’s popularity soars online

    "The British-based Poetry Archive has released statistics that visitors to its website are now viewing a total of more than one million pages a month." An art-form made for the Long Tail, perhaps.

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  4. Douglas Rushkoff » Financial Melt Up

    "The real economy need not suffer in the downfall of the speculative economy. If anything, the real economy has been repressed by the speculative economy. Real farmers have been crushed by Big Agra, real druggists have been crushed by Wal-Mart and real transportation alternatives have been crushed by Big Oil and Big Auto. The opportunity here, while the big boys are down, is to rebuild the genuine, local commercial infrastructure. To make shoes, clothes, food, education, healthcare and everything else we can in a bottom-up fashion. While speculators enjoy the economy of scale, we inhabit an ecology scaled to the human being that was lost in the corporatist equation."

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