Links for 21st December 2008

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  1. How to: Use two (or more) [Wordpress] loops without duplicate posts

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  2. The changing color of money

    "What we are feeling now is not just the culmination of greed, or home buyer overreaching. It is the pain of leaving behind what we knew — the financial systems, the health and education systems, the life cycles and expectations of certainty that went with being middle class — and growing into what we will become."

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  3. Decolonizing Architecture – Scenarios for the transformation of Israeli settlements

    "Recognizing that Israeli colonies and military bases are amongst the most excruciating instruments of domination, the project assumes that a viable approach to the issue of their appropriation is to be found not only in the professional language of architecture and planning but rather in inaugurating an "arena of speculation" that incorporates varied cultural and political perspectives through the participation of a multiplicity of individuals and organizations. How could the architecture of Israel domination be reused, recycled or re-inhabited by Palestinians?"

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  4. The tricky relation between religion and IQ

    "The thing that I found really fascinating in Flynn's lecture was his discussion of what makes for very low IQ scores. It is one of the paradoxes of the Flynn effect that it implies not only that our children will be smarter than we are, but that our recent ancestors were extremely stupid. Extrapolating back to 1900 on the two fastest-improving components of the IQ tests suggests that schoolchildren then would have had a mean IQ of either 50 or 70. "How did Englishmen play cricket in 1900" asked Flynn. "Taking their mean IQ at face value, most of them would need a minder to position them in the field, tell them when to bat, and tell them when the innings was over.""

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  5. Why such drastic action? The Fed is utterly petrified

    "… there is a recognition that the reluctance of banks to lend means cutting short-term rates is a blunt instrument – what Keynes, in The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money, called pushing on a piece of string. As a result, the Fed has also unveiled a series of so-called unconventional measures which, once you strip away the financial complexity and the economic jargon, amount to printing money in a bid to drive down the long-term borrowing costs for business and mortgage loans. Margaret Thatcher famously said: "You can't buck the market"; the Fed is about to put that theory to the test."

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