Links for 22-09-2006

The question of content, galactic catastrophism, Chavez beats the devil, blowing up stars…

3 thoughts on “Links for 22-09-2006”

  1. I think Chavez should win the award for Best Dramatic Performance by a Communist Leader.
    We could call the awards ceremony the “Commeez”……..
    Although the speech might have been a bit over the top, I have to agree with most of what he said. Bush’s government has been acting in a very dictatorial manner.

  2. I’m with you on that; Chavez is no angel, but he’s come out and said (in superlative hyperbole) what half the planet already thinks. That round of applause was unbelievably telling. Poor America. I hope the nation realises that Bush is, as Chavez said, the greatest enemy to everything they hold dear. The man is a vacuous frat-boy weasel acting as a front-man for a crew of very cunning and ruthless sociopaths.

  3. It’s a shame that most people still have that “better dead than red” mentality in the U.S. I realize that a Communist government is not perfect, but the concept of actually treating everyone equally and providing everyone with the basics in order to live is one that any humanitarian should support!
    The mainstream media in the States has really aided Bush by painting anyone who disagrees with what his administration does as an extremist left wing atheist with no morals. Oh, I should say a COMMUNIST (or terrorist sympathizer) extremist left wing atheist with no morals.

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