Links for 22nd October 2008

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  1. Interview: Richard K. Morgan on the Failures of Capitalism and the Success of Science Fiction

    "The problem we have in Britain is that we're living in a past. It's a past that did exist. We're not fooling about ourselves about what that past was like, but we're fooling ourselves about how much we can continue to trade on that. Britain is very much a backwards-looking nation. We fail to grasp opportunities and we fail to move forwards because far too much of our cultural psyche is buried in looking back to when Britain was an empire. It's not so long ago. A couple of generations back and we were the most powerful nation on Earth, bar none. We still haven't managed to shrug that off, and I don't think we're going to for some time." Epic interview, but well worth the time.

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  2. Seth Godin On Music’s Messy Future

    "It's not too late for music, no doubt about it. It's probably too late for the music 'industry'. Most of the religion of this industry is about paying for people who add precious little value to what's actually valued by the listeners. Once you remove radio, record stores and duplication from the equation, it's not clear to me what 80% of the people in the music industry actually do to add value."

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  3. Sending Email From Your System with sSMTP

    "I’d like to be notified by email when my server is in trouble, but I don’t want to run my own mail server. sSMTP is perfect for this; it’s a simple way to send email from your system to an SMTP mail server, like Gmail’s. Here’s how I set up sSMTP on Ubuntu to send mail through my Gmail account."

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  4. Build It. Share It. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware Work?

    "This is the unacknowledged fact underpinning the open hardware movement: Hardware is already open. Even when inventors try to keep the guts of their gadgets secret, they can't. So why not actively open those designs and try to profit from the inevitable?"

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  5. Keyboard “eavesdropping” just got way easier, thanks to electromagnetic emanations

    "Some folks from the Security and Cryptography Lab at Switzerland's EPFL have managed to eavesdrop on the electromagnetic radiation shot off by shoddy wired keyboards with every keystroke. They've found four different ways to listen in, including one previously-published general vulnerability, on eleven keyboard models ranging from 2001 to 2008, with PS/2, USB and laptop keyboards all falling to at least one of the four attacks. The attack works through walls, as far as 65 feet away…"

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  6. World Wide Words

    Woo-hoo! Serious word-geekery ahoy. Etymology is just the start of it…

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