Links for 23-03-2007

Bionic mitt crushes cans, NASA axes NIAC, UK gov’t probes surveillance society…

2 thoughts on “Links for 23-03-2007”

  1. Re: Jason Stoddard’s offer. It strikes me there’s a market niche for social media PR consultants who can construct and maintain an author’s online presence – who know how to get the best out of MySpace, YouTube, del.i.cious… etc, and who can monitor and contribute to chat rooms and RSS feeds on the author’s behalf (after all, they should be busy writing). What do you think, Paul? Does that sound like a new business opportunity?

  2. More than possibly; a kind of social media consultancy, kinda like what I’m doing for a business type at the moment. I’d be hesitant to actually do significant posting on behalf of someone else, though – sock-puppetry gets slammed where and when ever it is discovered. Though, to be more general, the answer is ‘yes’ – and I think that sort of personalised PR service will become pretty big pretty soon. The music business is heaving with it right now.

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