Links for 23rd February 2010

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  1. She aims the gun as she edits

    "1) Any word overuse is a problem. In a medium comprised of words, overuse suggests a limited lexicon and a dull imagination. The reader catches the stale whiff of laziness. Be cognizant of the choices you make.

    2) The repeated use of this particular preposition sets up a lulling rhythm. You want to open your readers’ eyes to new thoughts and ideas, not close them."

    On slaughtering incidences of the word "as" in fictional narrative.

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  2. Block activities

    "In many communities there are intentional efforts to organize "block clubs" among neighbors. They are often promoted by police departments because neighbors who know each other, watch out for each other. In some communities, neighborhood councils play this role. Because organizers typically have a goal in mind, like "crime prevention," the support materials and systems do not document in detail the wide range of activities block clubs/neighbors can organize among themselves." c.f. 'open-source (and potentially non-violent) urban insurgency'

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