Links for 24th April 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Writing a Paragraph

    "This morning I got an email from a fan saying — perhaps with a note of desperation — "How do you actually write, say, an actual paragraph? What is the process?"

    It's a good question. For me, the process consists of putting down some words, seeing if I like them, and if not, changing them until I do. This is an actual paragraph I wrote earlier today, with my interposed thoughts." Nancy Kress; fascinating insight to the self-editing process. Watch a ten line paragraph become two lines!

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  2. “Little Guantanamo”

    "The CMU only further evidences how political exception can be inserted into space; spaces that don’t exist until the government injects something into them to make them exist; like detainees – these spaces become new containers for disappeared people. They are the military tupper ware of the war on terror. Secret space in a fully alterable and stackable state of compression in order to deflect attention, to squat in the cracks between what is permissable wherever there is room — if even by necessity this compression serves secrecy quite well."

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