Links for 24th February 2010

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  1. Avoiding a Digital Dark Age

    "The general problem of data preservation is twofold. The first matter is preservation of the data itself: The physical media on which data are written must be preserved, and this media must continue to accurately hold the data that are entrusted to it. This problem is the same for analog and digital media, but unless we are careful, digital media can be more fragile.

    The second part of the equation is the comprehensibility of the data. Even if the storage medium survives perfectly, it will be of no use unless we can read and understand the data on it. With most analog technologies such as photographic prints and paper text documents, one can look directly at the medium to access the information. With all digital media, a machine and software are required to read and translate the data into a human-observable and comprehensible form. If the machine or software is lost, the data are likely to be unavailable or, effectively, lost as well."

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  2. Does technology really benefit our human rights?

    ""… underlying slacktivism isn’t enough — you can’t just turn your profile green. If you show support you are lazy? No. But there has to be a number of people taking actions in the real world, too." Anderson said.

    It is this growing trend to show support via an online campaign that is threatening human rights movements across the globe, and the panel quickly picked up on the drawbacks of the internet in promoting false activism.

    "I coined the phrase 'mousy solidarity' to explain how easy it is to click on a petition. We feel like we can participate." said Professor Sreberny.

    What was made clear from the event was that both sides — activists and regimes — can see the potential for technology to promote their cause. But it was the words of a press spokesman for hosts Amnesty International that really struck home, underlining the need to continue to fight across several platforms, rather than relying on new trends to promote the cause."

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  3. Homebrew Digital Effects Pedal

    "I have created a digital loop pedal. The pedal itself is based upon the PIC16F877 microcontroller, and is complete with 256kb of RAM for storing sound. The unit achieves true bypass with the help of a relay, and runs on a standard 9V power supply." Sweet.

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