Links for 24th January 2009

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  1. On being a public person – Jay Lake

    "What I’ve learned these past two weeks is that I’ve never much minded being taken to task for my fiction, but being taken to task for my personal beliefs can be very painful indeed. What I’ve also realized, again, is that such criticism cannot be allowed to stop me."

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  2. Better than Owning

    "Our sense of ownership is a funny thing. If you purchase an ebook and download the book's PDF file to your computer, you'd say you owned it, and expect the rights of ownership. However if you went to a link where a PDF of a book was opened on your screen for free and automatically, you might not feel you owned this book, even if it was copied to your disk. Possession of a copy turns out to be less important in the feeling of ownership than does the price. Free things don't generate strong feelings of ownership. Gifts do, which we think of as "free," but our sense of ownership is related to their "replacement costs" – how much they would cost us to buy elsewhere, their market value. If an item has a marketplace cost of zero, we tend not to feel we own it. So as more economic activity gravitates toward the free, less will feel owned. As more is shared, less will act like property." Kevin Kelly.

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  3. Planet Harddrive

    "… another ongoing fantasy of mine, which is that perhaps someday we won't actually need harddrives at all: we'll simply use geology itself. In other words, what if we could manipulate the earth's own magnetic field and thus program data into the natural energy curtains of the planet? The earth would become a kind of spherical harddrive, with information stored in those moving webs of magnetic energy that both surround and penetrate its surface. This extends yet further into an idea that perhaps whole planets out there, turning in space, are actually the harddrives of an intelligent species we otherwise have yet to encounter… " Someone give this guy a novel contract, PLS?

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  4. How Do I Create A Colorful Sitemap With jQuery?

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  5. Scientists open doors with the power of the mind | Technology | The Guardian

    "Scientists showed that people could open doors or operate lights, a telephone, a small robot and even a robotic hand by wearing a strip of electrodes on their head to pick up brainwaves that signal "interest" and send them to a computer that interprets them as desired actions."

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  6. WP Post Columns Plugin version 2.0

    "The WP Post Columns Plugin for WordPress allows you to easily create columns within your wordpress posts and pages. It is ideal for sites with a magazine / newspaper style layout, or if you want text to appear on one side of the post with an image displayed opposite."

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  7. WP-Optimize database cleanup and optimization plugin

    "WP-Optimize is a wordpress 2.7++ database cleanup and optimization tool. It doesn’t require PhpMyAdmin to optimize your database tables. It allows you to remove post revisions, comments in the spam queue, un-approved comments within few clicks. Additionally you can rename any username to another username too. Here are the details."

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  8. Centering Floats

    "I have had a few people ask if they could center a floated left menu when the width of the items in the menu is not known, and I had thought that it was not possible." Turns out it is, though.

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