Links for 24th November 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. 12 Killer Ways to Make Extra Income On the Web

    "None of these ideas will likely net you a full time income on their own — though there are certainly people who have managed to do so with each — but a couple of them in tandem, or in addition to your usual freelance work or day job, can make you some much needed extra cash."

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  2. Hostile Takeovers or Good Corporate Governance?

    "The origins of Somali piracy are not found in the southern half of the country, where a “transitional government” is dueling the Union of Islamic Courts with the half-hearted assistance of the Ethiopian military. Somali piracy originates in Puntland, a self-declared autonomous region of Somalia at the horn, hailed for years by policymakers as a model of a stable Somali state."

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  3. You will be misunderstood

    "It's hard to imagine how one could write something that 100% of the recipients will understood as written. If you overwrite to satisfy the last 1%, you're going to bore the rest to tears."

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