Links for 24th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Print Your Own Money

    "The collapse of centrally controlled commerce and currency simply creates an opportunity for local commerce and currency to revive. For people to learn to work and live together on a human, local scale – as the original free market advocate, Adam Smith, actually suggested."

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  2. New Thinking: Saturn’s Rings Might Be Ancient

    "The study's computer simulation showed how the planet's rings could date back billions of years ago to the early ages of the solar system, rather than only 100 million years ago… "

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  3. Probably not stupid

    "The easiest way to grow is to sell to people who share a worldview that endorses your position. The most effective way to grow bigger than that is to inform those that disagree with your position–more data in a palatable form. And, unfortunately, it turns out that the best way to change the world is to open the closed-minded."

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  4. Anders Sandberg: Does the recent LHC breakdown prove quantum immortality?

    "Okay, you know how the Large Hadron Collider had to be shut down because of of a helium leak? Well, what if this is evidence that we're about to witness a successive chain of events that will result in the LHC never having the opportunity to destroy the Earth as we know it?" Yes, your head will pop.

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  5. Seven Tricks for Magical Copy

    "Now, don’t get me wrong – sales copy isn’t evil. It isn’t there to sneak millions from people’s pockets while leaving them holding an empty bag and no rabbit. Not at all. Sales copy is just a form of marketing and selling through a text-built salesperson. And it’s tricky. Here are seven of those tricks to help you write yours… "

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  6. How to Read Minds (to Write Powerful Copy)

    "… you must write from your customers' perspective. The world's most successful copywriters use this tactic to persuade even the most stubborn prospects to action. By entering the conversation prospects are having in their head, you can resonate with their problems, properly position an offering as the solution and push all the right buttons."

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  7. Science fiction doesn’t have to be gloomy, does it?

    "To look at the infinite possibilities of the future and see only darkness is a failure of imagination." Damien G Walter

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