Links for 24th September 2009

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  1. Schizophrenia

    Educomic about schizophrenia. Given I've lived under a sufferer for eight years, I know how easy it is to succumb to the media portrayal; they deserve our pity and our care, not our fear. They also deserve better treatment than being put out of mind into social housing and ignored.

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  2. What should we make of the HIV vaccine ‘triumph’?

    "It is extremely encouraging that, at last, a vaccine has shown signs of providing protection. The reduction in risk of infection is not huge – 31 per cent: male circumcision reduces the risk of infection by double that, for comparison. The real significance is that there was any measurable effect at all after researchers had begun to lose hope that a vaccine would ever work."

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  3. Too scary to be real, research looks to quantify eeriness in virtual characters

    ""What is surprising is that some of the rules you learn in art school do not apply to computer graphics characters," he said. "For example, artists will typically enlarge the eyes of someone they paint to make the person look more attractive. In fact, artists tend to make their own eyes larger in self-portraits. But our results indicate that eye enlargement can have a decidedly negative effect when photorealistic textures are applied to a human model."

    The same holds true when distorting other facial proportions such as eye separation and face height, as the changes have a more negative impact on very realistic human character models. So caricaturing can be effective for abstract faces, like the ones seen in Pixar's movie The Incredibles, but fails for human-looking faces like those seen the same year in another film, The Polar Express, that also relied on computer generated imagery."

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  4. MAGIC IS AFOOT: A Conversation with ALAN MOORE about the Arts and the Occult

    "Art is something which has got a much more vital function. Once again, I remember Eno saying that you only have to look at how high a priority art was in terms of human life to understand that it has to be there for a reason. I mean, when we descend from the trees, we find something to eat, we find somewhere to sleep, we find a warm place to shit, and then we go out and we draw a picture on a wall explaining how we found the stuff to eat, the place to sleep, the warm place to shit. Art is about our fourth survival priority. And one can only assume that it therefore must have importance."

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