Links for 25-04-2007

Lots of writing tips, 3D solar photography, self-healing sea-squirts, bionic vision brain implants, Hubble’s 17th…

2 thoughts on “Links for 25-04-2007”

  1. Paul–

    Great links (the Hubble and Stereo ones) and old news (to me, I hasten to add, and I mean the writing related ones).

    What boggles me a bit is that you missed the BIG ONE: Earthlike planet found (I could provide links, but am afraid your spam filter won’t let me, so google “Earthlike planet found”, and lo and behold…;-)

  2. Thanks Jetse – though I hate to say that you’re only about the seventh person to contact me about that particular story! 🙂

    And the only reason it’s not up here yet is because I almost always do all my blogging in the evening…I’m about half an hour away from posting something on that very subject, as it happens.

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