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  1. Query Child Of $Page – WordPress plugin

    "… allows you to run loops within your WordPress templates where you query for children of the current page.
    How it works

    The plugin adds an extra argument to the list of arguments supported by query_posts(). The new query argument "child_of" is used to add a WHERE to the database query to limit the pages returned to those with a post_page equal to the argument provided." Yes!

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  2. Chaos filter helps robots make sense of the world

    "The "words" describe particular objects in a scene, for example a bicycle seat, and the software learns to link words that occur together into groups that are given words of their own. For example, the word "bicycle seat" is almost always found associated with the words "bicycle wheel" and "bicycle chain", so they linked together in a so-called "bag of words" – "bicycle". That means when the robot revisits a scene that now lacks, say, a bicycle, it notes a single change rather than the disappearance of many smaller features. That prevents too much significance being attached to the bike's disappearance and means the robot is more likely to recognise the scene as familiar, says Newman."

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  3. Road Map for Financial Recovery: Radical Transparency Now!

    "But the government is just playing footsie with the kind of reform that's needed. If future financial crises are to be avoided, XBRL shouldn't be limited to public companies. It should become the lingua franca of every investment bank, hedge fund, pension fund, insurance company, and endowment fund. Today these groups contribute to a multitrillion-dollar shadow banking system of lightly (or not-at-all) regulated financial instruments that move markets and tend to bring outsize riches—until they blow up."

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  4. Brain scan replaces job interview in 5 years?

    "Thus they could also test job applicants for important posts such as bank directors and financial institutions to determine whether they are even suitable — or whether they have psychopathic tendencies which would exclude them from such jobs. “In a brain scan one can see what people notice spontaneously, such as sales personnel interacting with customers,’ he said. They have already discovered that people with slight autism, for instance, are totally unable to notice that customers may be responding negatively towards specific suggestions they make."

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  5. Why Singularity Advocacy Needn’t be Techno-Utopian

    "But still, if economic scarcity ever could be defeated, how else could it be done but with technology? By wishful thinking? Magic? Religion? Are you “techno-utopian” if you think that economic scarcity will be largely solved in 20 years? Or 50? or 100? Or 10,000? If you claim that economic scarcity wouldn’t be solved even after 10,000 years of technological progress, then are you being sincere, or do you just believe that eventually eliminating economic scarcity would be a really bad thing, or would make technology sound too useful, when we’re supposed to be exclusively focusing on social issues and pretty much ignoring technology?"

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  6. Do You Have Writer’s Brain Or Editor’s Brain?

    "Editing skills are great to have—in fact, they have helped me earn a steady income for several years now. But the editing process has a time and place. And if the editor brain is too dominant or is always activated, it can really get in the way of the writing process." YA RLY.

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  7. Zenphoto

    FOSS photo gallery software, PHP/MySQL.

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  8. From HTML mockup to a full Drupal site: a tutorial – Part II: Site Setup, Content and Modules.

    Drupal gubbins.

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  9. Configuring menus, navigation and blogroll for newbies |

    More Drupal gubbins.

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  10. Drupal Pathauto Tutorial

    Pathauto and taxonomy, forsooth.

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