Links for 25th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. The Inflating TAZ

    "In open source warfare, an insurgency's strength grows through a proliferation of groups with a similar high level objective: a weaker nation-state. The question becomes: how is this proliferation achieved?"

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  2. Occupying Slum

    "…it’s something we can track in tons of cities these days, this neoliberal blueprint for secured enclaves and social division; neoliberalism as a perhaps softer urban form of socio-economic segregation; an absorption of the old powers of segregation re-spatialized through the postmodern spaces of transnational capital."

    Tagged with: povertyslumcrimefavelaoccupationcontrolurbanpopulationsegregation

  3. One (Isn’t) the Lonliest Number

    "Some of the phrases I see a lot that can easily be replaced with one word without losing meaning are… "

    Tagged with: languagewritingbrevityeditingcopywriting

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