Links for 26th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Flickr Tag « WordPress Plugin

    "I had a hard time finding a Flickr plugin that didn't download all the photos onto my server, have them appear in a separate gallery, or otherwise look totally kitsch. I just wanted something simple. I wanted thumbnails to show, and I wanted to be able to put them "inline" in my posts. Keep the photos and discussion on Flickr, as far as I'm concerned. I couldn't find anybody to share my design goals. My solution was to write my own plugin." Hmmn.

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  2. Websites ‘must be saved for history’

    "She believes similar gaps could appear in the national memory, pointing out that, contrary to popular assumption, internet companies such as Google are not collecting and archiving material of this type. It is left instead to the libraries and archives which have been gathering books, periodicals, newspapers and recordings for centuries."

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  3. 50 Must-Have Photoshop Brushes

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  4. On Mass-Market Paperbacks

    "Books that sell poorly in their first edition often don't get a second edition; books that sell poorly in general often lead to their author not getting further contracts from that publisher (or, sometimes, from anyone). If you really like an author, you should buy his books, to help ensure that they will continue. It is no longer 1975. It will never be 1975 again."

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  5. Hydro-Pharmacology

    "Aside from the very real health implications of this story, I'm also fascinated by these drugs' effect on the landscape; in other words, millions of pounds' worth of loose pharmaceuticals will surely form a detectable layer in the soil given time. Pharmaco-geological formations take shape in the sand, compacted into strange new types of stone. The locals dissolve slices of it in their tea, as it's used to treat illnesses. Thousands of years pass; then millions. The rocks you're looking at in the wall of that canyon are made of lithified Prozac. Tylenol Gorge State Park."

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  6. What’s Your Story About?

    "If you plan to submit this work, pitch this work, and talk about this work; you need to have a clear and quick description of your work."

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  7. World’s smallest fuel cell promises greener gadgets

    "The world's smallest working fuel cell has been created by US chemical engineers, at just 3 millimetres across. Future versions of the tiny hydrogen-fuelled power pack could replace batteries in portable gadgets."

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  8. Everything’s Illuminated from Multiple Angles

    "This process of discovery lies at the core of what makes the Internet so wonderful. Being open to it is paramount. If writing is a kind of sustained creativity, then inspired networking is a narrative about sustained, creative relationships. You are both a message holder and a message receiver. You are both a conduit and a destination."

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  9. WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

    Does what it says on the tin; highly spoken-of. Need to test sometime soon.

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