Links for 27th April 2009

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  1. Two Ways to Say More With Fewer Words

    "Just remember that a schema takes advantage of what your audience already knows to tell a complete story in fewer words. You use analogies, archtypes, established worldviews, and popular culture to create instant understanding." Cunning; could be a good tactic for fiction, also.

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  2. Sky-Terra Towers Sprout Cities in the Skies

    "Sky-Terra towers consist of a narrow base with a deep and strong foundation. The towers rise up to 1,600 ft and expand out until they reach the flat top plaza layer. Bridging over existing buildings, the Sky-Terra forms a new layer for the city high above the congestion and pollution. These plazas have many options and configurations, from public parks, greenbelts, playing fields, jogging paths, amphitheaters, pools, bath houses – all with the aim of providing people with access to open space." Pure "how we'll live tomorrow!!!1" sf-nal eyeball kicks right here.

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  3. Singularity 101 with Vernor Vinge | h+ Magazine

    "Some folks will say there have been singularities before — for instance, the printing press. but before Gutenberg, you could have explained to somebody what a printing press would be and you could have explained the consequences. Even though those consequences might not have been believed, the listener would have understood what you were saying. But you could not explain a printing press to a goldfish or a flat worm. And having the post-Singularity explained to us now is qualitatively different from explaining past breakthroughs in the same way. So all these extreme events like the invention of fire, the invention of the printing press, and the evolution of cities and agriculture are not the right analogy. The technological Singularity is more akin to the rise of humankind within the animal kingdom, or perhaps to the rise of multi-cellular life."

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  4. Does our health actually get better in some ways during a down economy?

    "… researchers have found evidence of improved health during economic downturns in Cuba, Germany, Japan and Spain. Think of it as a silver lining — and perhaps a measure of how much our unhealthy lifestyles and workaholic tendencies can get the best of us during boom times.

    Some experts remain skeptical, in part because of overwhelming evidence that people who lose jobs suffer poor health because of it. Depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, and anti-social behavior become significantly more likely after a person gets laid off." So basically there's no real conclusion here at all, but it's an interesting topic.

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  5. Working With a Content Management Framework: MODx

    "In this tutorial we will explore a number of the standard MODx features to illustrate what it is like to work with MODx by going through the process of taking a static HTML prototype and turning it into a working MODx driven website. We will be covering a lot of territory in order to paint a big picture of what you can do with MODx but will only be skimming the surface of what is possible." And so I learn in a few hours what weeks with Drupal couldn't achieve; bonus.

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