Links for 27th August 2009

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  1. Game theory: How Wii Fit and Ubisoft’s Your Shape bring guilt into play

    "It feels like a strange ontological breach. Watch a gamer in action: it's a totally unselfconscious activity. Bodies go limp, faces are twisted in weird contortions or slackened in hangdog wonder. Some read this negatively, equating it with the mindless consumption of junk TV – and now it seems even games publishes are developing guilt. And guilt is the emotion that often arises when bodies are scrutinised, especially among the demographic that buys fitness games. Sure there are health benefits to the increasing physicalisation of entertainment software, but there is also the underlying taint of pop-culture body fascism."

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  2. Is quantum mechanics messing with your memory?

    "The mystery of the arrow of time is that entropy only increases towards the future. Put another way, why does entropy actually decrease towards the past, despite what the statistics predict?

    Maccone says that "we should expect" entropy decreases towards the future since they occur towards the past. But the statistics show us that we should expect no such thing. It is enormously surprising that they happen towards the past and it would be doubly surprising if they happened towards the future. Symmetry is not a reason to expect what we know is statistically extremely unlikely."

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  3. Three Possible Economic Models (Part II)

    "On the surface, you still have the same kinds of big companies, same kinds of consumption patterns, same kinds of advertising that you did a few decades earlier. But the twist is that almost nobody works–maybe about 25% of the population engages in income-generating employment, and at least half of that consists of educators, bureaucrats, and the self-employed. Manufacturing, transportation, and most basic services are done with robots, semi-autonomous systems that nobody even pretends have real intelligence, but work well enough to keep the economy humming. Personal service jobs remain in human hands, but those are often performed by recent immigrants, trying to earn the right to a BIG Card." Cascio dreams BIG.

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  4. 20 beautiful free @font-face fonts

    Does what it says on the tin… if only the old IEs supported this stuff.

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  5. Rant: Clickable Text and Checkboxes / Radios

    Worth noting, I thought.

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