Links for 27th March 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Monetizing your Web App: Business Model Options

    Interesting breakdown of business models and their prevalence in web2.0 stuff. What will be more interesting is running the same numbers next year.

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  2. Titan may boast ice-spewing volcanoes

    "An area known as Hotei Arcus has been identified by scientists operating the Cassini spacecraft as the best candidate yet for a cryovolcano, which, in the cold of the outer Solar System, would spew a slurry of ice and liquid hydrocarbons, instead of lava." Sensawunda factor 8, Mr Sulu.

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  3. Artificial cartilage performs better than the real thing

    "The smooth cartilage that covers the ends of long bones provides a level of lubrication that artificial alternatives haven't been able to rival – until now. Researchers say their lubricating layers of "molecular brushes" can outperform nature under the highest pressures encountered within joints, with potentially important implications for joint replacement surgery."

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  4. a nomadic life

    "An uprooted population, globally inclined, aware of the fact that jobs will be scarce is likely to give away its current address in exchange for some job security. In particular if those jobs are in tune with the zeitgeist. Settling in a new city used to be something you did maybe twice in a lifetime. I believe many of us will be faced with this transition more than a few times. In the same way that the average person would move to a bigger house every 3-5 years (eventually buying the one they couldn’t afford), many of us will find ourselves pondering not a better neighbourhood but a completely new city.

    This may sound like a bold move, but your inner global citizen is rejoicing at the possibility that a new travel adventure is around the corner. Pack lightly as you may be on the road for some time. I believe our ancestors used to call this a ‘nomadic’ life."

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