Links for 27th October 2008

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  1. What Do Authors Want from Reviewers? (David Louis Edelman)

    "3 – Insight. I want to know that you engaged with my work. Whether you loved it or hated it is not always the point; I want to know that you thought about it. And if my book left you with a soul-crushing emptiness that sucks light out of the universe? That’s fine too, as long as you gave the book a fair shot. Skimmers and summarizers don’t impress me." Some good points here.

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  2. Multicolr Search Lab

    "We extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour." Oooh, shiny.

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  3. Not only America wants America to be great

    "It is good campaign rhetoric to talk about ‘going back to the way America used to be’ in world affairs, regardless of whether your good memories are of Ronald Reagan or FDR. But in much of the rest of the world, this all sounds like self-indulgent nostalgia. The ‘Post- World War II era’ that American foreign policy analysts lionize as a ‘model’ for benign hegemony was 60 years ago — at least two generations before the majority of the world’s population was born. It’s simply not relevant to their life experience — and no amount of lofty rhetoric is going to make it so."

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  4. A Web of Footnotes — How We Will Read Books in the Future

    "A culture of rampant annotators isn't exactly what you'd expect from the web, which is still in many people's minds antithetical to book culture. And yet it seems that our newest media have reinvigorated what often seems a lost art. The art of footnoting."

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  5. 10 Ways to Get Your Writing Out There

    "Some people think that getting published by a traditional book publisher is the only way to get your writing out to readers. There’s a real bottleneck here — even though there’s some benefit to the publishers in this circumstance, I would argue that writers don’t benefit from it, readers don’t benefit from it, and neither does our writing culture. This perception of the editor-gatekeepers just creates a tense and risk-averse climate. So, I’m going to detour around the bottleneck and focus on the diversity of methods writers can use to get their writing out there. The ten things I list are often considered different mediums and require collaboration and/or different skillsets, but writing can be central to them."

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