Links for 27th October 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Darwin’s Robots

    "A more recent 2009 study, again at Lausanne, suggests that swarms of bots don't just evolve cooperative strategies to find food (or avoid poison), they can also evolve the ability to deceive. Bots equipped with artificial neural networks and programmed to find food eventually learn to conceal their visual signals from other robots to keep the food for themselves. “Forget zombies,” a post on Current TV's blog comments about the little bots, “this is the real threat.” (Fortunately, these experimental bots don’t eat brains – at least, not yet.)"

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  2. What Obama’s Doing With Fox News

    "Conservatives moaned about liberal bias in the press to carve out an alternative ideological media under the guise of “balance,” but never managed to marginalize the “liberal media” in any significant way; it was just too damn big. Obama, on the other hand, is picking a fight with a small conservative entity and is essentially forcing it to do what he wants — make conservatism (and by extension the GOP) look like an extreme political position — by adding to what it needs to survive: an audience. But it’s a small-scale audience comprised of people already opposed to the president and his policies (ie., no great political loss). The conservative war on the media was Clausewitz; the Obama war on the media is Sun Tzu." John Scalzi.

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  3. Internet rules and laws: the top 10, from Godwin to Poe

    Useful reference for your next troll-smacking session.

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