Links for 28th August 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. You get what you pay for

    "We're all hypocrites, and we get what we pay for. The market is astonishingly quick at responding to what consumers do (and incredibly slow at reacting to what we say)."

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  2. 10 WordPress Hacks to Make your Life Easy

    Does what it says on the tin; code-snippets ahoy!

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  3. Most Desired WordPress Hacks: 11 Common Requests and Fixes

    "… WordPress Theme hacks, ideas, tips and useful tutorials you need to have ready in hand when developing WordPress websites."

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  4. Photography as a Weapon

    "… doctored photographs are the least of our worries. If you want to trick someone with a photograph, there are lots of easy ways to do it. You don’t need Photoshop. You don’t need sophisticated digital photo-manipulation. You don’t need a computer. All you need to do is change the caption."

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  5. How to Read

    "If you’ve been publishing online for even a small amount of time, you’ve seen someone leave a comment that clearly demonstrates they didn’t read or understand the content. Even more painful is when someone writes a responsive post that clearly misses the entire point of the original article. While it happens to us all from time to time, you do not want to consistently be one of these people." No kidding.

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  6. Interview: Red 5’s Paper-RPG Duo On The MMO Persistence Revolution

    "Though they weren’t able to provide any substantive promises, Stark and Williams offered a bold vision of an MMO shaped and molded by its players. The concept is of a game world built up of communities that reinforce each other and explore their own goals — in short, an MMO much more like a vibrant pen and paper campaign than the usual static landscape."

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  7. Viropiracy?

    "The Indonesian argument — now set to be ratified by the Non-Aligned Movement general gathering in November — is that the information derived from viruses found in a particular country should be the property of that country to control as it sees fit." *facepalm*

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