Links for 28th January 2010

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. How to Turn an Idea Into a Story

    More simple wisdom and top tips from Luc Reid. This guy's well worth following.

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  2. How a stray mouse click choked the NYSE & cost a bank $150K

    "Of course, the fact that such computer-driven volatility hurts day traders matters little to long-term investors. But the fear is that these glitches are fleeting indications that the system as a whole is vulnerable and unstable, and that the right combination of circumstances could cause what happend to RMBS to happen on a wider scale. This is especially true as even more of the trading activity, even among individual traders, shifts to automated platforms." Econopocalypse! But read the whole thing; might actually end up shaving advantage away from the big banks and investors.

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  3. We Googlistas want a global debate on information freedom. Why are others so coy?

    "The big catch is this: every hole in the cyberwall you open up for the idealistic, information-hungry netizen is also a potential loophole for the child pornographer, the terrorist, the preacher of hate and the cybercriminal. In her speech, Clinton goes on to recognise that there are evils that free societies want to defend themselves against, and mentions the Council of Europe's cybercrime treaty. This criminalises the dissemination of child pornography, and authorises the sharing of stored computer data in the attempt to combat it. But there again: how can you stop the very same kinds of technology and internationally sanctioned legal provision that are used by a democracy to identify, censor, catch and imprison the paedophile from being used by a dictatorship to identify, censor, catch and imprison the dissident?"

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