Links for 29th December 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Is aviation security mostly for show?

    "Terrorism is rare, far rarer than many people think. It's rare because very few people want to commit acts of terrorism, and executing a terrorist plot is much harder than television makes it appear.

    The best defenses against terrorism are largely invisible: investigation, intelligence, and emergency response. But even these are less effective at keeping us safe than our social and political policies, both at home and abroad. However, our elected leaders don't think this way: They are far more likely to implement security theater against movie-plot threats." Preach it, Brother Schneier. Testify!

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  2. UsExpress – A Business Idea

    "… energy costs are going to at least double over the next decade. This is going to drive up the cost of door-to-door shipping. While the US Post Office is already committed to door-to-door delivery and thus has a different cost structure than FedEx and UPS, that doesn’t meant they cannot be undercut on shipping prices by a more efficient competitor. If both the transport aspect and the “last mile” service layer of the UsEx network are rolled car trips that were going to happen anyway (commutes for transport, and local errands for pickup and delivery), the cost savings could be staggering." Goddamn it, I totally came up with this idea back in the summer.

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