Links for 29th November 2009

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  1. Simon Reynolds’s Notes on the noughties: When will hip-hop hurry up and die?

    "The "Death of …" piece is a genre of criticism that's fallen into disrepute […] People now seem to feel that "no genre ever really dies" (to adapt the Neptunes/NERD motto). Was this in fact one of the problems with the Noughties? No genre went gently into that good night: they all clung on, cluttering up the musical landscape. This not only made it harder for new things to emerge, it's meant that we've all come to forget that, in fact, totally new things have emerged in the past. There was, for instance, a time when hip-hop didn't exist. The refusal to admit that a genre can die (which doesn't mean literally disappear – it may even generate good stuff now and then –but refers to stagnation, irrelevance, becoming uncoupled from the zeitgeist) is a denial of the possibility of change, renewal, the unexpected. The very vitality of a form of music implies the possibility of its eventual death."

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