Links for 2nd December 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. 10 Useful RSS-Tricks and Hacks For WordPress

    Oh, these are keepers. RSS wranglin' done the smart way.

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  2. Creation Does Not Equal Ownership

    "Even if you own something due to the fact that you created it, once you have given away or sold that product, you no longer have ownership of it — and claiming you do actually removes property rights from the lawful owner."

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  3. Neil Gaiman’s Journal: Why defend freedom of icky speech?

    "… that's what makes the kind of work you don't like, or don't read, or work that you do not feel has artistic worth or redeeming features worth defending. It's because the same laws cover the stuff you like and the stuff you find icky, wherever your icky line happens to be: the law is a big blunt instrument that makes no fine distinctions, and because you only realise how wonderful absolute freedom of speech is the day you lose it."

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  4. 10 Surefire Steps to Beating Blogger’s Block

    "Willpower, discipline, and good old-fashioned work may squeeze another blog post out of you but to produce words effortlessly, to connect with the joy and optimism and inspiration which makes it all worthwhile, to be as good as you can be, you need to know how to nurture abstraction and your hard-working subconscious."

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  5. Photography, and the Tolerance for Courageous Sucking

    "Truth is, at the level I’m playing, there’s no real cost associated with failure. Unless, you count the damage of working with unrealistic expectations or the paralyzing joylessness of the conventional wisdom that only some are “Blessed with Creativity…” [insert Tinkerbell glissando]"

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  6. New Oslo Opera House Is Really a Stealth Skate Park

    "For years, architects have gone to great lengths to protect their buildings from marauding skaters. But as aesthetic trends move toward folded planes that transition seamlessly from wall to ceiling and back to wall, designers have been looking to their former adversaries for a lesson in flow."

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