Links for 2nd February 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Is there a Planet X?

    "The discovery of a further planet would be thrilling, he says. The only explanation for its presence there would be that large bodies coalesced very early in the solar system's history, only to be ejected by the gravity of the giant planets later on."

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  2. Teleportation Is Real – But Don’t Try It at Home

    "The current experiment marks the first in which information has traveled a significant distance – 1 m, or a little more than 3 ft. – between two isolated atoms. It's also the first time the powers of a photon, which is good at traveling over long distances, and an atom, which is prized for its ability to retain information, have been jointly exploited."

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  3. Multiple sclerosis ‘reversed’ with stem cell therapy

    "They removed stem cells from the patients' bone marrow, and then used chemicals to destroy all existing immune cells in the body, before re-injecting the stem cells. These then developed into naïve immune cells that do not see myelin as alien, and hence do not attack it. Three years later, 17 of the patients had improved by at least one point on a standard disability scale, while none of the patients had deteriorated."

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