Links for 2nd February 2010

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  1. Economic ‘perfect storm’ brewing?

    "The United States and other major economies have not taken adequate measures to address the underlying forces driving the 2007-2008 financial and oil crises, according to the book. Consequently, they have potentially condemned the global economy to future shocks of more catastrophic proportions.

    El-Gamal and Myers Jaffe argue that a more complex set of factors are at play where transfers of wealth to the Middle East have resulted in a perfect storm of global asset and financial market bubbles, increased unrest, terrorism, geopolitical conflicts, and rising costs for energy." More than likely, I suspect.

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  2. Building body parts using nanocellulose

    "In the new programme, the researchers will build up a three-dimensional nanocellulose network that is an exact copy of the patient's healthy outer ear and construct an exact mirror image of the ear. It will have sufficient mechanical stability for it to be used as a bioreactor, which means that the patient's own cartilage and stem cells can be cultivated directly inside the body or on the patient, in this case on the head.

    "As yet we do not know if it will work. It is an extremely exciting project that brings together expertise in image analysis, prototype manufacturing, biomechanics, biopolymers and cell biology. If we succeed it will open up a whole range of new and exciting areas of use.""

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  3. How To Write A Press Release

    "The best press release headlines summarise the story. Ideally, they contain everything the editor needs to decide if the stories they describe are worth pursuing. Try to get as much information as possible into the fewest number of words. Think of the publication you’re writing for and try to make it sound like one of their headlines."

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