Links for 2nd May 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Real Money, Fake Property: Live Gamer’s Andy Schneider on Bringing Item Sales in from the Cold

    "I think the item based model in Asia has been successful for a few different reasons. First, you had broadband penetration. Secondly, you had a really wide audience that was gaming as a form of mass entertainment and it’s been that way for awhile.

    The item based model allowed people to buy into the game or pay for the game at their own discretion. So, you had very casual players who maybe didn’t want to make the big upfront commitment, but wanted to play once in a while with their friends. And that is happening here now, but in general we’ve got a packaged goods model that’s been well established in the West, and certainly there’s subscription MMOs that have done extraordinarily well.

    But, we see that model changing to an item based model, and increasingly garnering a broader demographic who can participate at their own pace. That has been the norm in Asia for quite some time."

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  2. Laser-Controlled Humans Closer to Reality

    "The beauty of this optogenetic technique is its specificity. By using a combination of lasers and genetic engineering, scientists can control, to the millisecond, the firing of a specific class of neurons, allowing them to pinpoint problematic cells and circuits while leaving innocent bystanders alone, thus minimizing potential side effects.

    Viruses are engineered to infect neurons with a special type of channel, originally discovered in algae, which is sensitive to blue light. Once a blue laser shines on the infected neurons, the channels snap open, ions rush into the cell, and the neuron fires." WTF?

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