Links for 2nd November 2009

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  1. The Cosmopolitan Tongue: The Universality of English

    "As we assess our linguistic future as a species, a basic question remains. Would it be inherently evil if there were not 6,000 spoken languages but one? We must consider the question in its pure, logical essence, apart from particular associations with English and its history. Notice, for example, how the discomfort with the prospect in itself eases when you imagine the world’s language being, say, Eyak."

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  2. ‘We’ beats ‘me’ in depression battle

    "What surprised them was the robust association they found between the degree of collectiveness of a particular nation and the degree to which a disproportionate number of people carried the short allele of the STG. Collectivistic nations were found to have significantly more individuals who carry the short allele of the STG.

    Even more remarkably, they found, in collectivistic nations, such as those in East Asia, where nearly 80 percent of the population is genetically susceptible to depression, the actual prevalence of depression is significantly lower than in individualistic nations, such as the United States and Western Europe."

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  3. Crisis talks may lead to desperate measures | Jeff Jarvis

    "I am less protective of legacy news organisations because they have had a chance to remake themselves as smaller, nimbler, collaborative enterprises for the internet and have largely failed. The future of news – and there is a future – is being built by entrepreneurs who in change see opportunity, not crisis.

    In short: I say the fate of journalism is not in the hands of institutions. The fate of journalism is in the hands of entrepreneurs."

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  4. A CSS only dropdown menu with ‘current page’ override

    "Following on from my vertical slide menu with 'current page' override, this is a dropdown menu with the same options. […] The menu has a 'current page' option where on page entry the current top level and sub menu page are visible and hightlighted. […] Hover over any other top level list item will cause the current page dropdown to vanish and the menu will act as though there is no 'current page' option."

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